Software License Compliance

Software License Compliance

Some do it deliberately, some keep doing it unknowingly. Whatever is the reason, accidental or purposeful; if caught non-compliant with application permission policies, it’s very likely that it will lead to adverse results over you and your organization. Application authorization infringement cases can attract heavy fines, impoundments and even detention.

Value the importance of software license compliance

Software license agreements keep getting complex and with increasing number of licensing agreements these days, it is tough to follow every guideline and compliance standard set up by licensing bodies. Application tools used by organizations are often provided on lease and once the tenure is over, chances are that you have pirated the software. Therefore, beware of such situations and to keep away from market face off or legal hassles; it is best to diligently practice application license compliance.

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What does software license compliance mean?

This is the general practice of accepting to abide the specifications put forth in the license agreements signed during the procurement of application programs. Prior of purchasing any tool, it is really important to go through license agreements of the tool and meet all its criteria so as to avoid any kind of future infringements. If an organization falls short of abiding by the license agreements then it clearly indicates violation of the licensing acts which can lead to financial losses, and hampering of market reputation.

Why software license compliance should be adhered to

The ever increasing number of license fulfillment projects being undertaken by enterprises clearly indicates their significance. The most noticeable reason is that if one fails to meet the necessary licensing standards and procedures, it can result in legal prosecutions. Therefore, it is crucial to achieve application license compliance for internally deployed applications to ensure their certified usage. In fact, meeting the required tool license compliance standards is a major issue for most IT Managers today. But there are certain clear benefits of monitoring certificate standards and sticking to them. With proper certification processes, over purchase of application licenses can be easily avoided. Additionally, organizations can cut short support costs and save expenditure by centralizing the tool procurement process with help of fulfillment maintenance software. Hence, it is obvious that meeting license fulfillment eventually promotes the entire IT budget.


How asset management tool helps in meeting software compliance?

As already discussed, how important it is for businesses to meet software certificate authorization, it is noteworthy how SAM helps in implementing them. SAM or application asset management tool helps in meeting certificate conformity requirements and practices. Managing the assets of an organization makes the task of meeting agreement standards even more simplified. The following points strongly represent the significance of SAM and its usage in organizations:

  • SAM helps in implementing standard controls for procurement of application authorization
  • SAM helps in tracking the installed tool on all your machines
  • SAM gives information about software installed on end users machines and who uses them
  • SAM defines license accountability
  • Helps in maintaining an asset register of purchased licenses
  • SAM helps in conducting software audits
  • It helps in mapping the tool licenses purchased to the tool licenses installed
  • Informs administrators about illegally shared executables across a network
  • SAM facilitates in renewal of application support contracts
  • The PCI compliance application simplifies the complex task of PCI compliance


Therefore, we can understand that this is an important business prospect that helps organizations in meeting software license compliance. Software asset management tool not only helps in managing internally deployed software but also help in meeting the compliance standards. So, with the help this product, enterprises can comply with various regulatory acts like HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and SOX. Moreover, they can select a compliance field and generate reports on the basis of the regulatory acts for better analysis.

Supported Platforms

Supported Windows OS Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 family SP1

Know more about it before purchase

If you are interested in this futuristic and advanced software, there is more to know about its extensive features and capabilities. You don’t need to make any purchases or agree to any monetary plans to try out the product on your own. Now, you can avail the benefits of Lepide Software Asset Management- the license compliance tool for free, only for a limited period of 30 days. You can use it to test the tool in terms of fulfillment standards to any other feature. Audit to a maximum of 50 computers with this evaluation version and rate it own your own standards. Once the trail period is over and if impressed, you can purchase the tool for prolonged use.